We Are The Poisoned Youth!

Wallowing in this lifeless valley of sorrow & despair, we’ve forgotten what it’s like to be actually happy. Anxiety, sadness & depression eating away the remnants of our souls, until we’re left with nothing but a hollow darkness. And this mystic darkness leads to the great loneliness that has engulfed the whole universe.We are the victims of ourselves, torturing our minds with overthinking & meanwhile the general apathy of society making us numb and barren. Slouching all day in the corner, thinking how are we ever getting out of this miserable pit. Engaging ourselves in petty arguments and debates on social media but not talking to a single soul for days on end. With so much potential and liveliness in our bones, but not knowing how tot let it all out. Burdened by the weight of our very own talent and enthusiasm, we’re knee-deep in the stinking, mildewed water of our spirit.The venomous arrows of patriarchy, violence, corruption, extremism, ignorance stuck in our back and no one is ready to pull ’em out because we are all afraid of the red-hot-blood. This poison is intoxicating and destroying our souls, making us apathetic, ignorant, violent and extremist. The poison has now become a part of our soul and is coursing through our veins and we can do nothing about it, for we are tired and we’re afraid of ourselves, we’re afraid of the twisted darkness that has made it’s home inside each of us. The mist of this darkness is getting heavier by each passing day and it has obscured our ships of hope in the harbor of life.We’re the youth who have had their souls sliced, hearts diced and our guts ripped apart from our throats. Our bloodied faces, smeared with trauma and tragedy, hurtling ourselves through the rest of our days with the strength of armored tanks fuelled by rage. We are the ones who will never wave a white flag at our endless internal battles because getting us after each defeat and never giving up in the face of fate is the only way we’ve ever known. The damage has seeped right down to our bones & it aches in our hollowed out chest. We’re the youth, tragically beautiful yet broken, the lovers of night, a sacred tribe, who’s trademark is simply knowing that we’ll always survive.©madamemyexiledsoul

I Remembered You!

In those paled skies of evens
Over the lands, Over the valleys
As a star remembers to shine
As a dark benights the alleys
I remembered you

Amid the lapses of my breathes
Midst the sighs of my weary soul
A breezy zephyr of pearly nebules
Renews, as an idea of you sole
I remembered you

You are zest of my words all
You are warmth, I feel in sleep
You are a feel, a touch of lips
You are a love, in much deep
I remembered you

She sure had a thought of you
The moment she had an idea of love
She sought a vase for flowery beauty
As blessedness rained from above
I remembered you